Project blog

November 2020

Hatua za kwanza nchini Tanzania

September 2020

Webinar – Panel Discussion

Webinar – Conceptualising language supportive learning for cross-curriculum engagement in Sub-Saharan Africa

August 2020

Webinar – Bringing the outside in: emerging insights into language use and language attitudes in Zambian primary schools

Webinar – Multilingual Education in The Gambia

July 2020

Webinar – Mitigating social and environmental harm through Participatory Theatre: a case study from artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Ghana

Webinar – Translation as empowerment: Language, sustainable development, and academic-NGO collaboration

June 2020

“Language is not education…language is just talking”

May 2020

Initial insights into learners’ language practices in multilingual classrooms of Nakonde District

April 2020

Research Assistant induction

December 2019

What’s in a word?

September 2019

Project launch meeting, September 2019, University of Zambia

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