Webinar – Panel discussion

Our final webinar in Series #1 of the Language and Sustainable Development series brought together a number of our speakers to discuss the practicalities of collaborative research.

The panel included Dr Clyde Ancarno (King’s College London), Professor Paul Kerswill (University of York), Professor Nancy Kula (University of Essex), and Dr Wine Tesseur (Dublin City University).

The questions posed to the panel were:

1) In terms of impact & sustainability of the project could you talk about your experience of engaging with policy makers? Did you have any challenges/successes and do you have any strategies for effective engagement?

2) To what extent has collaboration with the wider communities involved been important to the project? How have they been involved in the research and in contributing to knowledge production?

3) How long did it take to set up the partnership/s between CO-Is/institutions on the project? Were practicalities of budget/research permits discussed before or after the start of the project? Have there been any challenges in dealing with different institutional priorities for research offices? 

You can watch a recording of this webinar here.

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