On this page you will find papers, outputs and resources that we have created or used as part of the project.

Published academic outputs

Project memebers edited a special issue of the Journal of the British Academy entitled “Rethinking Multilingualism: Education, Policy and Practice in Africa”. All the papers are Open Access and free to download. Click here to download the full issue.

Colin Reilly, Mompoloki M. Bagwasi, Tracey Costley, Hannah Gibson, Nancy C. Kula, Gastor Mapunda and Joseph Mwansa (2022) Languages don’t have bones, so you can just break them’: rethinking multilingualism in education policy and practice in Africa

Colin Reilly, Elvis ResCue and Jean Josephine Chavula (2022) Language policy in Ghana and Malawi: differing approaches to multilingualism in education

Nancy C. Kula and Joseph Mwansa (2022) Learning literacy in a familiar language: comparing reading and comprehension competence in Bemba in two contrasting settings in Northern Zambia

Mompoloki M. Bagwasi and Tracey Costley (2022) A defiance of language policy: seamless boundaries between languages in Botswana classrooms

Gastor Mapunda and Hannah Gibson (2022) On the suitability of Swahili for early schooling in remote rural Tanzania: do policy and practice align?

Other writing

Gastor Mapunda and Hannah Gibson ‘Je sera ya lugha Tanzania inabagua lugha za asili?‘ Global Voices online. Access the article here

Gastor Mapunda, Colin Reilly and Hannah Gibson ‘Does language policy in Tanzania discriminate against community languaes?‘ Access the article here.

Other resources

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